ADA Compliance

ICB is fully compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards

ADA Branch Features

  • Sit-down teller stations with accessible counter tops
  • Wheelchair Accessible ATM at Long Beach Office
  • Entry doors are double doors for easy wheelchair access
  • Interiors are spacious for easy maneuverability
  • Handicap parking just outside office entrance

Website ADA Compliance

  • Inclusion of text equivalents for every image asset displayed on the website
  • Video transcriptions are available for download in a readable text-based format (PDF)
  • Inter-page links are properly described in context
  • iFrames are titled to allow screen readers to describe what content they contain
  • Documents and copy are displayed in a readable text-based format (HTML, PDF)
  • Minimization of blinking / flashing / distracting design elements
  • Extensive usage of titles, context, and other heading structures to help users navigate complex pages